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Kings N Castles Pocket Strategy Game

Kings N Castles Pocket Strategy Game


Kings N Castles is a fast-moving medieval dice game of resource management and strategy which is typically played in 10 minutes or less. Choose your plan from the die results and work to crush your opponent. The more castles you control, the more resources you can command. Establish yourself as supreme monarch in a conquest victory by placing a king into each of your castles.

This 1st edition set comes with 1 complete game in a drawstring bag!


A simple game played with few pieces, Kings N Castles is light and can be carried anywhere, played by anyone and deliver head-scratching tactics from out of the pocket and onto the table. Play it on your lunch break, in the cafeteria, at the bus stop. Hang it on your belt, in your purse or backpack. Play head to head or join sets together for epic multiplayer siege action!


Use wizards to transform other rolls, combine roll results for unexpected tactics, unleash dragons and knights to lay siege to the enemy. Four custom-made dice and four coins per player represent the castles controlled and the kings who reside in them. All contained in a velour drawstring pouch for a full medieval gaming experience for ALL ages. Join the battle: Roll and RULE!!


A Game by Vern Hestand III

  • ONE complete set with drawstring bag and rules

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